Ur22 nightmare

Hello. I had an old pci sound card that was very unstable to the point where it’s almost unusable. So I looked for a card that sounds great and just used basic drivers. No mixing software that crashes constantly like my old interface.
I was reccomended the ur22. I was excited when I finally hooked it up.

Went into fl studio and selected the Yamaha asio driver,

Then it said that all the asio drivers are in use please free up at least 2 channels.
I then made sure that I had removed everything of my old card from the system. And still it persisted
Also the WMD drivers would not work. The speakers in the control panel were disabled.

I disabled the inboard sound. And noticed that I could hear the windows shut down sound from the ur22.
So I started disabling every other service that I could.
I managed to get playback. But massive lag.
And still no asio support. Unless I can get this thing to work this week ill be shipping it back and wanting a refund

Core2 duo 3ghz intel
2 fb ram
750 gb hd
Win xp sp3
Pny GeForce gtx 650. Just purchased

Hi Jammer42777,

Have you installed the original UR22 drivers?

You can download it here.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber