UR22 no longer working?

I recently upgraded to Cubase 10.5 Elements…when I opened Cubase today it wouldn’t recognize the UR22 ASIO driver…then I noticed this model is not supported anymore…did this just change…am I not going to be able to use this interface anymore…cant find where I can download another driver…any help would rule…Thanks y’all

I bought this interface 2 years ago. If this interface is done that quickly, then I’m done with Steinberg FOR GOOD. Honestly, the reason it’s not working for you is Steinberg hasn’t updated the drivers to work with Catalina.

The last piece of hardware I bought from Steinberg was the MR816. A great piece of hardware, also recently discontinued. At the time, I loved the idea of the integration but that is highly overrated, and in my view unnecessary. Still working without fault though, after almost 10 years of constant use. At least it can be used as an ADAT expander. I have had more than my monies worth from it, but I too feel confused as to why they do not follow the likes of RME and others and continue to support their products, particularly their pro products.

It’s the reason I didn’t go for the new AXR4. I needed a min of 3, but just don’t trust the support side of things. I ended up buying 3 x UAD Apollo x8p’s, even after the retailer reduced the price of each AXR4 by £400!!! That scared the life out of as I assumed that they clearly weren’t selling.

It’s a mystery as the Yamaha/Steinberg partnership should yield hardware products to rival them all, and be backed up by 1st class support. As an example, I had a response to a newbie user issue with the Apollo’s. I sent a message to them early on Christmas Eve and got a response back in 30mins with a resolve.

There are so many interfaces out there that do an equal and arguably better job with more flexibility and functionality, that there would need to be proven and good cause for me to return to using Steinberg and Yamaha hardware products. That includes Nuage which was also once on our to buy list, but we’ve gone the Avid route.