UR22 Noise

I have plugged my UR22 into my computer with just my mouse and keyboard with no speakers or mics connected and recorded a signal through my computer and got a lot of noise.

The UR22 USB cable was connected directly to the computer. I tried both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports with the same results. The sound recorded was with the UR22 connected. No microphone or speakers or cables were connected to it. The UR22 updated driver was installed. I was using a mic. I tried different microphones but when I recorded a straight signal into Cubase by just using the ASIO UR22 driver noise occurred. (without a mic or speakers or cables attached). I am on a desktop computer and the UR22 is not connected to a USB Hub. I Also tried with other microphones and guitar cable with the same results.

I had a computer technician remotely search my computer for different conflicts and nothing was found wrong with the computer.
Is there something wrong with the ASIO Driver? (New one installed)

Tried Microphone and guitar
Connected directly to computer
Using a desktop computer
No USB Hub used. :angry:

Hello Kybot,

What operating system has your computer?
Have you tried with a different USB cable or do you have the chance to try the UR22 on a different computer?
Please run the following tools on your computer they might find something interfering with the real-time audio processing:


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Thanks for the response…

I have analysed the computer and it says that system is able to handle audio without any audio dropouts. Since this noise problem is occurring, I was thinking of getting the ur28M. Now I have read on a post that someone had similar problems with this recently as well on there computer. I would like to purchase this but I am concerned that the mic preamps and other hardware configurations are the same. Can you let me know a bit more I have been searching for an audio card on the internet for awhile. I use Cubase 7.5 and I was wondering is there a problem with the asio driver I am using the latest one. I am running windows 8.1 64 Bit 4th generation Intel I7 with 24 gig of ram.

Software great but hardware ???


Just out of curiosity are you sure you do not have the +48 (Phantom power) on?
If you have it on and nothing is connected that could be causing the noise.
Also, for the UR22 USB audio interface, it has been discovered that extremely small low-frequency noise of approximately 30 Hz may occur depending on the model of condenser microphone used when only one is connected to the [MIC/LINE 1] or [MIC/LINE 2] jack and the [+48V] switch is turned on.

Please read the following article to solve the problem:


It could be that you have to send it back for repair.

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