UR22 not responding to MAC OSX 10.6.8

Hi all,

I’m here because I’m out of options, I don’t know where to go next.

I recently bought a Steinberg UR22 which came with the Cubase 7 software. However, I cannot get my it to operate correctly with my Mac.

The device is plugged in via USB directly in to my Mac, however, when I turn the switch on the to “ON”, my computer thinks I’ve disconnected it, and does nothing. When I turn it “OFF” my computer then recognises it. However this is in passive mode, and (because I’m still largely unfamiliar with Cubase 7 I’m using Garageband to get used to producing) no sound is being produced. Therefore I have no functionality.

When the UR22 is selected to “ON”, the USB light flashes, when selected “OFF”, the USB light is solid along with the Peak lights, and my computer asks me if I want to select the driver.

The drivers have been loaded, removed and reloaded several times. I’ve played with System Setup, with Cubase itself (I now know this won’t do anything as it’s not a Cubase problem). UR22 has been removed and re-plugged many times. I cannot find much in the forums to help.

There has to be something I’m missing, or have I just not troubleshot this correctly?

Your help would be much appreciated.