UR22 not working when linking multiple usb cables

For some reason my new UR 22 wont work when I use a long USB 2 extension cable. It works with a short one, but doesnt seem to with anything over 2 or 3 feet. I need it to reach at least 20 feet. I tried a 16ft usb 2 with a signal booster and that didnt work either. Anyone know whats going on?

running windows xp on a self build computer.

Seems I have the same problem. The unit has been connected to the system with an extra longer cable and working just fine for > 5 months now. This weekend the unit suddenly stopped working and the only way to get it working is to run it on the short factory cable only… I have tried several cables, but it seems that only cables about < 1m work.

A quick addition: I did try others ports/hubs/machine also. Even did a complete USB config reset under Windows7 by removing the INFCACHE.1 and all inactive devices.

(With not-working I mean: the white LED is blinking, but will never go to the constant on (linked) state).

Please help.

You’re really pushing it! As a USB 2 device (will work on a USB 3 port though), the maximum cable length stipulated by the USB 2 standard is 5 meters or about 16 feet. The UR interface is signal-time critical and must be connected directly to a primary USB port on the computer (i.e. cannot be run over a hub). With a USB2 type audio interface, the shorter the cable the better, and pushing the cable length to the limit is only asking for trouble - if indeed it works at all (which, it would appear by your endeavours, it does not).
I’m sorry to say - but you’re SOL in this regard.

My cables were within the specs then. Still it doesn’t work. Whats more it has been working for a very long time without any problems. Now even with a 2 meter cable it won’t connect.

Have you tried a high quality cable? Perhaps a USB 3 cable.
I have a UR28M and a UR44 each of which has it’s own PS. Does the UR22 have a power supply or is it powered over the USB connection?

The UR22 is powered over USB (=does not have a connection for external power). I am using it only over a primary USB port.

Any chance the USB 5V is overloaded or too low?