UR22 - Occasional Clicks & Pops

my UR22 that I bought in 2015 (i think) shows a strange problem.

Every now and then, there’s a little click or pop when playing back or recording audio. I checked thoroughly, the problem is not in my audio material !

It’s not a buffer size problem, and it’s not load dependent either. I checked on Linux and MacOS, happens on both systems. It doesn’t relate to any Xrun in JACK either.

I wonder if it’s some kind of hardware problem ? The device works fine in general, but this issue makes it hard to trust it, really …

Anybody else experienced this ?


I don’t own the UR22, but I suspect some kind of bandwidth problem. You don’t have the interface plugged into a hub, do you?

Nope, no hub, plugged straight into my laptop

It could be the interface is just starting to wear out.