UR22 on iPad


I am wondering if it is possible to plug UR22 on iPad. I tried but I couldn’t manage to do it. Is Steinberg planning to release an update to connect UR22 to iPad or is this possible?

Thank you in advance.

It is unfortunately not possible to use the UR22 as a class compliant device and it is not planned to update the device accordingly.

I’m chiming in to see if after two years Steinberg would consider an update to make the UR22 “Class Compliant”?

I ask because a lack of iPad support is the only really HUGE drawback to this device. When I explore the UR line up and look downstream I see the UR12 (downgrade) is “Class Compliant” allowing it to support the amazing and affordable Cubasis app on the iPad. When I look upstream the UR44 (upgrade) also supports Cubasis. Why?

Why does the UR22 remain iPad crippled in a growing crowd of hardware that is “Class Compliant”? It leads me to believe there is a hardware limitation. For example, the UR22 would draw more power from the iPad than an iPad can supply. Is that it, or is it a marketing decision? If it’s a marketing decision I think it makes little sense. Why? The UR12 downstream and the UR44 upstream products both support the iPad.

Would someone provide a technical or business related explanation for this drawback to the UR22? Thanks!

All I can say is that it is not possible to make the UR22 iPad compatible. It is not a marketing decision - why would we want to omit such a feature voluntarily - but a technical limitation. Please keep in mind that the UR22 was the first UR series device all others were introduced later. Unfortunately, it is always an evolution… for instance we introduced pad switches with the UR242 for the first time.

Thank you Ed! For what it’s worth I recently purchased the UR22. The value proposition to price ratio for this product remains incredible, even after years on the market. I’m pairing it with a Røde Procaster and a Mogami Gold Studio Mic XLR cable. It’s an amazing pairing for vocal audio recording!