UR22 output Distorted

Im having a really disturbing problem with my UR22 (first generation)
All sound that get put out by the interface to my monitors gets really distorted. I did a little troubleshooting myself to eliminate potential reasons that could cause it

  • it’s not the monitors itself. Plugging in any device directly via aux/xlr works just fine

  • I immediately updated drivers and this didn’t fix it

  • tried plugging it into a different Computer, problem stayed the same

  • I changed the cable(s) and USB ports on my computer and interface, distortion still occurs

  • output of the headphone out is also distorted

  • plugged headphones into the headphone jack of my laptop, it sounded just fine

I haven’t yet tried using a different interface, but I’m pretty sure that this will sound just fine because it’s certainly not what comes out from my laptop but rather what’s coming out of the interface I think.
I fear that it could have a hardware failure like a component being broken or so. Maybe you guys have a solution
Have a nice day

I am having the same issue - Running the current (1.10.4 I believe) drivers on Windows 10 x64

I’ll be in the middle of recording, or even just watching netflix or something and the audio will become garbled and distorted. I need to hard reset the UR 22 with the power button to fix it. Sometimes after reset it will go 2 minutes before exploding again and sometimes it will go an hour. Totally random. Have tried changing to a different USB port and that did not fix the issue.

I never had issues like this until recently (perhaps 1-2 months ago?) so perhaps its a windows update issue?

Please help!

I have the same issues with the exact same driver version but with different hardware.
I connected the device to three completely different PCs, all running WIn 10 - all have the issue that playback is distorted and recording has dropouts.
But: when I connect the device to a Windows 7 machine with the same driver, everything iw orling perfectly!
Really a driver issue to my mind and I would appreciate if Steinberg would pick this up.