UR22 Output Sensitivity

Hey, all! Longtime Steinberg user, first time forum poster.

As well as it’s served me, my main grievance with my 1st-gen UR22 interface is that the output knob is extremely sensitive, and seems to have a huge amount of gain on tap. I’ve got my monitors totally flat in terms of input gain, eq, etc, yet a tiny nudge on the UR22’s output knob leads to a massive difference in volume. I’m assured it’s not my monitors or computer because I recently had the chance to use both a UR824 and a Focusrite interface on my same rig, and their output knobs were much more usable and seemingly didn’t go as loud at maximum.

Does anyone have a potential solution for this? I’d like the halfway or noon position on the output knob to hit about 85 db, so I can consistently come back to that level for reference. Steinberg doesn’t seem to have a control center for the UR22 model - do I have any other options?

Thanks everyone.