UR22 Output

Do the UR22 TRS output jacks accept TS plugs to connect to devices that accept only unbalanced line level signals? If this is possible, has anyone had bad experiences such that they would not recommend doing so?


This should pose no problems to the hardware, I have four outputs going to unbalanced amps - just keep in mind the cable run lengths should be shorter, and you should use a good quality (shielded) cable.

That is great to know, thanks, BriHar! I was wondering whether I could take at face value in the UR28M manual when it seemed to say any single output could be either balanced (if a T/R/S was plugged in) or unbalanced (if a T/S was used) … looks like the answer is yes!

(Didn’t want to fry my RNC by misinterpreting the manual based only on my reading it … )

Thanks again!