UR22 phantom power not working

I’m getting no sound with my Rode NT1-A when I connect it to my UR22. I’ve tried fiddling the input/daw knob but it’s not helping either. I made sure I had the latest hardware drivers aswell.

And is phantom power on? The +48V light is on?
The switch is on the back of the UR22, and it’s a slider.

Yes the power is on. Everything looks ok on the DAW side aswell but the meters aren’t moving when I tap the mic.

What looks ok on the DAW side? Do you get an input signal wen you plug in a guitar or dynamic mic?

All the necessary inputs and outputs are active. I get a signal when I plug in a guitar or any other line instrument.

Ok, looks like either there is something wrong with your mic, or with your sound card.
Test the microphone on another interface, to make sure the Röde isn’t broken, or just test by pluggning in a condenser that you know is not faulty to your sound card.