UR22_Problems in gain with microphones Sennheiser MD421 II

Hello I am Spanish and use a translator … sorry
ok a few days ago to buy UR22 AUDIO INTERFACE record only voice and use it in ads FM Radio. I have two microphones Sennheiser MD421 II and AKG D3700 microphone. The AKG microphone inputs on both the input interface used a 6, but when you connect one of my Sennheiser MD421 II have to climb to 10 input and voice recording -7dB me with the problem I have to be normalizing sample. Is there any solution to this problem ??? Some firmware ??

Thank you very much.

There’s 60db of gain which is actually pretty good for this level of interface…those that offer more usually do so at the expense of noise which is no useful gain at all.
It can’t be improved by any firmware update, it’s the build of the preamp.

A cloudlifter is an option (CL1) but I would probably just work with the quieter files…a -7db peaking file isn’t really a problem in digital.

If you record at 24-bit, -7dB peaks are plenty loud! As long as increasing the gain to max doesn’t introduce noise, there’s no problem.