UR22 record what you hear?

Hello everyone!

I’ve bought the UR22 interface. I want to use it to record things I hear in Windows among other uses. I cannot figure out how to do that… on another system I have an M-Audio Delta 1010LT and I can choose a ‘Monitor’ input as an input in Cubase for example and then record that without any issue.

In Cubase now there are only one stereo input and one stereo output for this interface. There’s not even any control panel for this device what I’ve found so far (other than the khz and buffer size panel accesible via Cubase ONLY).

Do you think I’m missing some software for this device? I’ve installed the drivers from the instructions so I THINK I should be covered, but I’m missing these basic features so far. I know it’s a ‘value’ priced interface, but I think it should still include these basics, or am I mistaken in assuming so?

The UR22 (ASIO) does not have an internal routing for accessing the Windows stereo-mixer (WDM). I would say it is way more intended for making music on-the-go.

The short answer: that feature you want is not implemented there.

Hi There

I have recently seen a Windows to ASIO driver program that somebody wrote, I think that would do what you want, I saw it on KVRAudio, Asiolink I think it was called, and I also saw something else called VB cable driver or something like that that might help, have a look.

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