UR22 Recording issues

Firstly, I apologize if this has been addressed before, I did search but couldn’t work it out.

Basically I have the UR22, trying to record through line 1 or input 1 with a mic, an acoustic guitar without pick up in it.
The unit came with the download of cubase 9.5 LE, so trying to use that, if there is something easier and better please say so :slight_smile:

Anyway the unit detects the mic, you can talk and see activity in the bottom right hand corner, just there is nothing when you hit record, it still detects the mic and you can see it going up and down as you talk, or play but cubase doesn’t seem to record anything.

Using windows 10, quad core, 16 gig or ram, 2gb video card, internal sound card, 1600w power supply which powers the ur22 as well as computer, easily. it’s not the system requirements, it’s obviously something in my setup?


I haven’t used cubase personally, but normally when you recording any track you need to arm the track before pressing the record button and also have to assign that track to that particular input device.


I’ve included a link to a youtube video explaining how to do this in cubase 8, there might be some slight variation to it but you’ll understand the principle of recording a track.

I hope this helps you out :slight_smile:

I worked it out, found another video that talked about cubase 9.5.
I can record etc now, hear it through headphones, I just need to figure out where to plug outputs into sound card so I can get audio through speakers as well.
As I assume output goes to input on the soundcard, but not sure where the other input goes…
Thanks though :slight_smile: