UR22 recording problem

I know the subject is vague but the problem is difficult to sum up in a few words.
I have tried a few DAW programs and I am having the same issue in all of them which leads me to believe that this might might be a hardware set up issue.
If I record an instrument, lets say guitar on track one. Works fine.
If I record a different instrument, say vocals. I get not only the vocals but also the guitar from track one
If I record a third track I get all three tracks showing up in my third track.

How can I get the tracks to not combine with each new instrument?
Sorry, but I am a newbie at this and at my age it isn’t coming easily!

Disable loopback in your interface ´s control panel.
Plenty of posts on the forums.

thanks, I’ll give it a try!

Hey svennilenni, thanks for the advise. I really didn’t know what terms to search for so I really appreciate the help.
I’m a 67 year old neophyte to this stuff but having fun!