I finally bought the UR22 because I needed to move out of Firewire. I have to say that I loved my Presonus Firebox. It was certainly way more flexible, more inputs and outputs and for only about $100 more. But since I needed to go USB and 64 bit, and stay in a budget, I researched all the comp stuff. I am very happy with the UR22. This is not just a good interface for $149, it’s good period. I do not have the problem of the preamps being too hot–explain later. So as my setup is now, I can only say that the D-Pre’s sound fantastic. I judge all preamps by their clean sound. This thing makes even my Les Paul and Ibanez sound like a Jazz playin’ mofo. I am really digging on playing differently because of the sound. When I do hit the overdrive it just sounds even better. Small compaint about the knobs and inputs being a bit close together. Now about the input gain being too hot. I have not plugged straight in so I cannot verify this issue. But I can say I don’t have the problem. Here’s my chain:
The catch here is that I have several places in the chain where I can set volume/gain levels BEFORE it ever hits the front end of the UR22. I have my trim knobs at about 9 o’clock on the UR22 and mainly control the volume with the Alesis mixer, who’s preamps are nice of themselves. One other complaint, installing the software was not exactly easy or intuitive, especially considering not my first rodeo–though I’m not a pro by any means. But just judging by the sound I am getting, could not be happier.

Please try a clean guitar sound with your favorite guitar plugged direct for a better analysis.

I will do that.