UR22 Steinberg Cubase Ai Elements 7

Hello I just got my UR22, and am having trouble.
I can hear the sound from the pc fine but when trying to record with cubase, I cannot hea or record anything.
Can you please help me?
~Thanks :smiley:

With such a small amount of information given, start with this …

Hello, I followed instructions and the playback works great and am able to hear but cannot get it to record, I have no idea what information you need, can you please let me know, Thank You.

What are you trying to record? Vocal microphone, direct guitar input, MIDI controller keyboard, etc. …

Hello, I have got it to work, thanks for the article link,
I was trying to record an electric guitar through the UR22 interface with Cubase LE AI Elements 7 in which the ‘Device Setup’ was not well adjusted.
I really appreciated your help,

That’s great! Good luck with your adventures … :sunglasses: .

I thought I’d follow on from here as I have the same interface and s/w

I’m recording a guitar though the UR22 interface, but:

a) I’ve lost all output through my speakers, and
b) I don’t appear to be hearing what cubase is playing back anyway.

To add clarity, my guitar is DI’d into the UR22. If I play I can hear a ‘clean’ signal if, and only if, plugging headphones in to the UR22. Nothing is coming out of the speakers.

I can successfully record. If I press record it appears within the track as expected.

When it comes to playing that track back however, I hear absolutely nothing, not through my speakers (plugged in to my soundcard), nor through the headphones plugged in to the UR22.

Ideally I’d like to hear all the audio through my speakers. However these are plugged in to the sound, and when I look at the section to set up the outputs in Cubase I can only see the Line 1 / Line 2 outputs mentioned, that presumably align to the outputs on the back of the UR22. Even trying to add an output bus doesn’t see my sound card at all.

Interestingly, if I leave Cubase and try listening to audio elsewhere on my comp (for instance watching a youtube vid), I’ve now lost the audio from that via my speakers as well. I can only hear that audio through the headphones in the UR22 as well!

Given that I can record, it seems like this is all about setting up the output correctly. Any suggestions? Particularly as I can’t see my soundcard mentioned in Cubase, which I thought might be the answer.

Many thanks.