UR22 : Stereo problem

I noticed a strange thing with my UR22 :
I plugged my synth to it (Synth Left Output to UR22 Front Input 1 and Synth Right Output to UR22 Front Input 2), I plug my headphone to the UR22 headphone output, and I played with an A-PAN effect on my synth (effect that alternate the panning left to right quite quickly).
In my headphones, I didn’t hear the A-PAN effect at all.
I tried, with the same connections, to record the synth sound in an stereo audio track (DAW : Ableton Live). I played the recorded sound and then I heard the A-PAN effect in my headphones (always connected to the UR22 headphone output) !

Is that normal? For me it is quite annoying because I cannot hear the right effect on my synth while recording on a prod from my computer.

Thanks, and sorry for my english (i’m french).

Yes, it is normal. The direct hardware monitoring is mono. Does the interface have a switch for mono/stereo monitoring? The newer versions of URc interfaces have a dsmmix app where you can set the pan of inputs.

OK thank you for the quick answer :slight_smile: