UR22 stereo recording through guitar multi-effects processor

Hello, I am planning to buy a UR22. Its main use will be to record guitars through a multieffects processor, so the set up will be like this:

electric guitar --> multieffects processor --> UR22 --> Computer (DAW)

The thing is that my multieffects processor has to outputs, left and right. Obviously I want to connect these two outputs to the UR22’s two front outputs. So, the question is, will the recording be stereo, or anyway only one of the UR22’s channels will be working? It’d be great if the ping-pong delay could switch from right to left and left to right…

By the way, I read a lot of previous threads about this device. Although they were similar, non of them was covering my particular question. My apologies if this subject is repeated.

Thanks in advance for your support.