UR22 to PC

Hi, Im considering buying a UR22 interface along with Guitar rig instead of buying an Amp

I have an 3.2ghz PC with Sound Blaster Audigy soundcard connected to a 5.1 Yamaha AV receiver and regular stereo speakers

If i connect the UR22 to this setup as well as my guitar will this work as an ‘amp’ and play through my speakers or do i need to purchase Monitors?

I mainly want to practice guitar in my bedroom, playing along to mp3’s which are also on my PC, will i be able to play the mp3 along with simultaneously playing the guitar?

That can work but it’s not ideal because you will be using both the sound blaster and the UR22 at the same time. This isn’t possible with most drivers, but with ASIO4all you can do this. It’s not ideal, but worth a shot (Asio4all is free). If it isn’t what you want you can always decide to buy monitors later.
I have no experience with running Guitar rig standalone so someone who knows might have something to say about that too.

Thank you for the reply…I currently have a soundcraft M4 mixer plugged into my soundblaster via RCA’s and my guitar plugged into the mixer, i downloaded ASIO drivers but Guitar rig 5 (stand alone) wont pick my guitar up when i select ASIO, but it will pick it up if i use WASAPI, the latency is 30ms, which makes it unbearable, i have no idea why ASIO doesnt work? Ive reinstalled several times, made sure it was Line in, i gave up eventually hence why im probably going to buy the UR22.

Strange, I would expect the soundblaster ASIO driver works fine. What happens if you try ASIO4all instead of the soundblaster driver?