UR22- Turn off Direct Monitor (using Bias FX2 Desktop)

Anyone have advise how to turn off the Direct Monitor on a UR22? I’m trying to use Bias FX2 -Desktop version- not in my Cubase 10 , and I can only hear the direct signal.
i contacted them directly and they advised I need to turn off direct monitor- which apart from turning the dial far right, I cant do much else?

The Bias software works fine when used in Cubase, I just cant seem to use the desktop only version to work and they are pointing at the UR22 configuration? its works fine for Guitar rig 5 strangely!

Any help gratefully recieved,

Thank you,

I have the same problem. Through the headphone I only hear direct monitoring (clean guitar) or dspmixfx output.
No Bias FX (I have tried also other ios guitar effect apps) output in the headphone.

This is really frustrating !! I bought the UR22C because of native IOS support !
How should I use UR22C with ios effect apps like BIAS FX, BIAS AMP and so on ?