UR22, VST Performer & old MacBook problem


This is a topic which might rather be posted in the Hardware sub forum. But since the target is VST Connect I might rather get help here.

I want to work with my client using VST Connect (Pro on my side, so I am the producer). I worked with other clients before - all fine.

Now, my client has an older Mac Book (the white plastic ones, before the silver metal Mac Books were produced; sorry for the unspecific descriptions, PC user here), but put the newest MAC OS on it. She works with a Steinberg UR22 audio interface.

Problem is that she doesn´t hear any signal, no matter if she uses her mic, if it is my talkback signal or a track played on my side sent to her via “To Performer”. VST Performer shows signal routings are all fine, sync etc.

So it must be an problem regarding the connection between the Mac book and the UR22. The audiointerface is chosen in her audio settings (both on the Mac book itself and Performer). She also can play music over the UR22! But it seems that the input signal from the UR22 (including everything which is coming through VST performer) is not “forwarded” to the UR22 output.

One message in the Mac audio settings is “selected device has no output controls”. Might that be the cause for the problem?

When I set up Performer on my side to test - without using Cubase -, I can immediately hear myself without tweaking anything. She can´t.

Maybe a Mac user can help me here!


Could be … The latest driver is installed?
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