UR22 with Most recent USB driver (3.1.2) Will not load in Mac Monterey 12.4

I’ve tried all the fixes, all the reinstalls… This last occasion It finally gave me the “Needs your attention” in Security->General tab. The driver just will not load. Regardless of what Steinberg/Yamaha say… IS THIS COMPATIBLE? Has anyone made it work? I had issue with the driver knocking out in Big Sur, too. But I could bring it back. It now won’t load with 3.1.1, or 3.1.2 (as suggested in this forum).

I have a project coming up, I don’t have a means to upgrade my interface - I need a quick fix, please.

For now… Nevermind… The 3.1.2 eventually loaded at startup (over 15 minutes)… We’ll see what happens.

And… it’s not loading again


I bought a new Presonus USB 96… It works

Maybe you just update your Mac to MacOS 12.5 for the new driver (3.1.2) - and if this would be a solution: where did you get 3.1.2 from (seems not available in Germany yet??)?
I updated my Mac (as always) and my UR22 is not found and not connected to the system any more, only the LED is twinkling. Yamaha Steinbard did not reply to me service ticket…