UR22 with moxf vst

I was wondering if it is possible to record midi with my moxf8 at cubase 8 artist alongside audio (voice with microphone). I seem to be able to chose either the one or the other at a time. I can record both as audio, but it would be great to have keys as midi while recording the voice.
Thank you.

Yes you can record audio and midi at the same time.
Make a midi track and a audio track and record on both.
Your interface only has two inputs, that I guess the moxf is connected to. So recording voice has to be done later or you will have to connect the mic to the moxf. In that case both the voice and the keyboard audio will be mixed together when arriving at the UR22.
I would record the Midi first, then edit the midi to be the best it can be, then play the Midi and record to a stereo audio track, and then connect a mic to the UR22 and record to a mono audio track.

Is it possible to do it at the same time, but keeping the moxf as midi?