UR22 Won't map

Hi use Cubase LE AI Elements on a mac, and recently bought a UR22 Mk II. It plugged in and worked straight out of the box.

However it stopped working and won’t map to the ports. It doesn’t even show up on the list.

It’s plugged in. The lights are on. I can hear myself clearly through the headphones (mic and guitar).

So frustrating…

same with me on PC windows. YS_USB driver 1.10.0v worked with cubase AI 9.5 but Not with updated CubaseAI 9.5.30v I tried YS_USB 1.10.1v and again no mapping to Cubase. So don’t update to newer Cubase 9.5.3 until newer version of Audio interface driver. Any body know solution to lack of communication between hardwaew and Software?? Thanks June 2018.

uninstall YS_USB driver 1.10.1v on pc (UR22mk11). RESTART computer, and give it time to finish with background services running (5min). REinstall USB hardware interface. next start or open cubase 9.5.3v go to STUDIO on top of menu and select Studio SETUP. click on VST Audio System and select yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO from choices on drop down box. click apply if not grey color and Finish by Clicking OK. done : )