UR22 XLR inputs not working through Logic

Hi, I purchased a UR22 the other say and have set it up through my macbook air running Logic X. Guitar/Bass work fine through phono jack in either input 1 or 2. Soft synths/midi all works fine but I cannot seem to get any signal when I plug in XLR cables (for microphone)?
Even tried to use an XLR to jack cable but that would not work either. Am I doing something wrong in the setup or have I missed something simple? Any help would be appreciated.

I just bought one, and I’m having the exact same issue. I thought it was the mic first so I bought another one, and it’s the same thing. But this old plug and play mic that I have works. So its the fact that it’s an xlr that is the problem. I don’t know what to do, I might just return the whole thing.

What kind of microphone (brand, model)? Is it a condenser mic? If it is, have you switched on phantom power?

Yes I turned on the phantom power. I just ended up returning it and getting another interface.

Same problem here,imput 1 does`nt show up but only when I use 64 bit. . It shows up in 32 bit