UR22C 32bit confusion

Hey guys so I am a little confused on how to enable 32 bit on my computer with my ur22c. I have a Strix z390 which have onboard 32bit sound which shows in the sound control panel, but when I check my ur22c in the sound control panel I only get 24bit 192k (with onboard I get 32bit 192k). The interface is marketed as having 32bit I am just unsure on how to achieve it. Any help would be greater appreciated!

Every thing is up to date (interface is at 1.0.1 I believe and software is at 2.0.2)

The Windows WDM driver says 24 bit indeed, but like in this article described it has to do with the windows audio handling. The hardware will always record/convert in 32bit.

hello I just installed my new UR 22c sound card for the match with my Cubase pro 10.5.12 and I have had problems of extreme slowness since that time, I haven’t even created a new audio track yet, it’s is very slow to navigate , blizzard as soon as I unplug my sound card everything back to normal , can you help me please, I tried to change in my steinberg usb control panel to put it at high-speed (usb2 .0) because I think my computer is too old for usb 3.0, and it doesn’t work either I click on 2.0 and it automatically reverts to 3.0 help me please

You did not give any specs of your computer, but try to plug it into a USB2 port, then automaticly the card will switch to usb2. See if that helps.
Latest drivers for USB ports?
I don’t think the computer is too old for USB3, if it was indeed “too old” Cubase PRO 10.5 would not run decently at all.