UR22C along side built-in Realtek

I use the UR22C interface with Cubase. It is also my default Windows 10 playback device on my laptop. But I tend to have a lot of issues if I have Cubase open and try to play a local video file or watch a Youtube video. Cubase takes over audio even though I have the driver set to release with the application is in the background.

My question is - could I use a second set of speakers that take output from the built-in Realtek audio that’s on my laptop? For example, could I set the Realtek as the default Win10 sound device but still have Cubase default to the UR22C?

I’m trying to avoid the conflicts.


I have a ur22c interface and am not bothered how itunes or Youtube plays back as it comes all through my Presonus monitor speakers which sound amazing anyway.
You could plug speakers into your laptop but you will have to change the windows audio settings when you swap between the two.

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Hi Greg,
I think, yes you can use your internal Realtek audio card to listen to the default sound output from Win10. Within the Win10 sound settings you can define your Realtek audio card to the default device.
In cubase you can set your UR22C to the default input/output audio device.

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