UR22C Bundle with CUBASE AI

Hello people, today ive got my UR22C card which comes along with cubase ai. Ive managed to download everything and have it working , but… Halion and Grrove agent have no sounds… have i done anything wrong? should both of them come along with some basic sounds?
Do i have to download the sounds? im comfused… thanks in advance

Sounds like you didn’t download the content.

Hi Steve, thanks for your comment.
when im downloading the softwear the sounds shouldn be downloaded as well? how can i do that?

You obtain them via the download assistant application , as so:-

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Thank you for your reply, yes i can see content on the folder after download ,but then when im running HAlion there are no sounds in the library. so frustrated… :frowning:

If you see the content in the folder, double-click on one for the files. This should launch the Steinberg Library Manager, and and register the content.

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ok ill try that, thanks for the tip!

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everything has been downloaded

looks like there are registered at the library… but whn im running Halion there are not htere…

Dont know what else to do… ready to cry…hehehehehe

when i double click on a sample to open to the library i got this msg…

You’re trying to load a multi-program, you need to load presets using the controls highlighted:-

Although you should see presets in the middle as per my screenshot, as long as the ‘load’ tab is selected - is the quickest method. Are you accessing the load multi-program from the instrument, or somewhere else?

Sorry, but i never use that multi-program myself to know exactly what it is, but mine is empty too.

If your HALion doesn’t look like mine, then hit the little refresh button above the “Sub category” heading middle/right part of the screen and hopefully they should populate(?).


thank you. i appreciate your help