UR22C connected in stereo to a Yamaha THR30 II guitar amplifier?

I have a UR22C plugged into my guitar rig and am looking for a stereo practice amplifier so I can listen without using headphones. Almost no available small amps have stereo inputs. The Yamaha THR30 II that I’m considering purchasing has a single mono 1/4" input so it’s not different in that regard, but it does have a USB B connector on the back.

If I were to connect the USB C output from the UR22C to the USB B input on the back of the Yamaha amplifier, does the USB automatically route a stereo signal? Without some kind of intervening computer with software? I’d like to be able to simply connect the Yamaha directly to the UR22C if possible. This would seem to be a great package if it worked.

Failing that, if I must have a computer involved, I have a MacBook 12 available and could purchase Cubase or Amplitude or… …? Thanks for any help.

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The USB connectors are for connecting these devices to a computer. You can’t connect them to each other via an USB cable.

The THR30II outputs stereo sounds coming from the internal effects, your computer, and the AUX 3.5mm jack. If you want the THR30II to output sound from the UR22C, you’ll have to use the AUX jack. I think you can just use a 3.5mm to dual 6.5mm cable for that.

Note that both of these devices already come bundled with Cubase AI. It can be upgraded to Cubase Elements or higher if you want more audio and MIDI editing features.