UR22C + Cubase LE AI 12 + Sterling mic = no sound


I know this seems to be a popular question (for example), I read prior Steinberg support forum posts, watched a few YouTube videos, went through the Steinberg UR22C manual but still can’t get any sound from my mic.

Problem: Can’t get any sound from my mic. My electric guitar plugged into Steinberg works great - I see regular waveforms, can play the guitar back and hear it.

My setup: I have a brand new UR22C, a brand new mic cable, a brand new Sterling ST131 mic. I am using Cubase LE AI 12. The mic requires phantom power, so I turned it on the UR22C. I tried the mic on Inputs 1 and 2 with the inputs all the way up. The highest I could get the mic was -45.8 by speaking loudly or playing acoustic guitar into it.


I assume that any good mic will work well with the equipment that I have, right?

This is my last option, other than dragging all of my equipment to Guitar Center and asking that they figure it out.

Thanks in advance!


Do you use the XLR connector on the UR22 side or do you use jack 6.3 by any chance? You need XLR on both sides.

Hi Martin.
I updated my original post above with an image of the mic cable I’m using.


Phantom power will only be provided over the XLR (3 pin) part of the input. You will need a XLR male to XLR female cable to use your mic. This will solve the problem assuming there is no issue with the cable/mic.

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Thanks! I’m new to this. I used a different mic chord that allowed me to plug the XLR (3 pin) into the UR22C. I added phantom power and everything worked!