UR22C delay in sound, occasional blinking lights

I recently bought a Steinberg UR22C Audio Interface to replace my existing, no longer supported Audio Interface from another manufacturer. I am using a 2020 M1 Mac Mini running the latest version of macOS 11 Big Sur.

I have it running, and for the most part it works very well, when it runs. However, when running Dorico I am noticing a delay. Upon the initial time of hitting play, there is a 1-5 second delay before the sound is coming from my speakers. Almost as if the Audio Interface was asleep, despite all lights being on. Same goes for Safari playing Youtube. It takes about 1-5 seconds for the sound to start. Once a particular application running, there seems to be no issue, after the initial delay. Is this because I am using phantom power from the USB connection? Is there some setting I have failed to utilize? Any help would be appreciated.

Also, the lights are on, and on occasion the lights blink off and then back on, almost as if the unit restarted. Once again, is this because of the phantom power from the USB?

I want to buy the AC adapter, but I am unable to find the appropriate adapter. Can someone help point me in the correct direction?

Thanks in advance,

I think I found part of the issue… shared power source.

This is an M1 Mac mini, and as such does not have many ports. Of the 2 USB ports, one is where the USB e-licenser is attached, the other has a hub attached to it. I am guessing between the USB Hard Drive and the UR22C that power might have been an issue. Today I connected a new power strip with more plugs so that I could plug in the USB to external power. Since then, it seems that the UR22C is “ready” to go, and there seems to be no delay in getting the sound to work when switching between applications. Also, the lights seem to no longer blink at me.

I would still like to consider running this an AC adapter, just so it has it’s own dedicated power supply. Any thoughts on where to get one?

And lastly, if the USB e-licenser is used to verify purchased software, it would be nice if there was a port on the back of Steinberg Audio interfaces dedicated to the USB e-licenser. That way I am not in need of 2 ports just to run my Steinberg software and equipment. It would very cool, if the USB e-licenser could plug into the back of the audio interface, and when plugging the audio interface into the computer, everything could be recognized. One port used, not two.


Hi Robby
Any 12V center positive wall wart will do the job.