UR22C DSPMixFx Inspector

Hello there,

yesterday I installed my new UR22C to my Windows10 PC.

After the installation of driver and tools I started Cubase and I could see the extra tab inside the inspector where you can setup the DSPMixFx inside Cubase directly.

However when I booted my PC today and started Cubase I cannot see this Tab anymore. I reinstalled both driver and tools. But it had no effect.

I started the Software before opening Cubase but this had no effect either.

Inside the settings of Cubase the UR22C is clearly visible and adjustable. But no matter which settings I choose - the tab inside the inspector won´t show up anymore.

Does anybody know what it wrong here? What do I have to do to use it inside Cubase? The manual did not help at all with this.

Thank you for your help!

Have you by any chance activated the controlroom in Cubase?
Then the the urc hardware tab will not be present in the inspector. This works only without the CR.

Thank you so much! You really helped me out! I don´t understand why it is like that, but maybe it has it´s reason.

So when using the CR I have to use the seperate Software that comes with the UR22C?

Yes, that’s the only solution. It is a known issue and hopefully one day Steinberg will fix this.