UR22C - Hi-Z clipping

First time UR22C owner. Plugged my guitar (/w passive pickups) into input 2, turned the input gain knob all the way down, engaged the Hi-Z button… and I have clipping (led light) on palm mutes.

What’s the point of the Hi-Z button then? I cant turn the input gain any lower than ZERO.

About to return this thing. Any help appreciated.

Do i need to run my guitar through an active DI box in front of the UR22C?

If so, that’s annoying… and an expensive solution for an alreadly nearly $200 dollar audio interface.

What kind of guitar? What kind of pickup?

Jackson Dinky with stock passive pickups.

The “high output humbucker” pick-ups could easily overdrive the HiZ input
switch it back to Line…
0dB means there is no gain applied, but it doesn’t mean there is no signal
the signal doesn’t get amplified.

Already refunded it.