UR22C - [MIX] knob to the [DAW] side - LOW VOLUME / HEADPHONE OUTPUT

Hi! my name is Nicolás and I am a classical guitarist from Argentina. I hope someone can help me with my problem.

My gear
Audio Interface: UR22C
Headphones: Tascam TH-200x (32 ohms)

A few weeks ago I bought my first audio interface, the Steinberg UR22C. When testing it, I ran into a major problem with the volume of the headphone output. When the MIX knob is to the left (INPUT) the volume is loud enough, but if I turn it to the right (DAW) the volume is very low and almost inaudible. It is even difficult to listen to YouTube videos or a Spotify song. Is my UR22C faulty? Any suggestion?

This ‘MIX’ knob operates only in the digital domain before the D/A conversion, so it would be highly surprising that your UR22C is faulty in that manner. Nothing to worry.

I would bet it’s simply because your generic audio volume on your computer is set too low.
You need to set the volume on your computer, just like if your were using the built-in phono jack from the computer/laptop itself.
~All/most volume controls from your computer are still operational when using an audio interface to output audio from YouTube/Spotify/etc.

A simple but common mistake :upside_down_face:
Please let me know if that solves it.

Typically, you would set the computer volume settings to their max, and control down the volume on the UR. Especially if you use the “Loopback” setting to record the output of your computer. If not, then anything “high enough” for your usage is fine.

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Hello, sorry for the delay in my answer, I was studying a lot and I did not have time.
The audio volume on my computer is at 100%. So it wasn’t that

I was doing a comparison between [headphone out] and [main out] and they sounded very different. Luckily I found what the problem was, my 3.5mm Female plug to 6.5mm Male Jack Stereo Headphone Adapter.
I was using 2 that are gold because I considered them to be of good quality, one is even the original of the headphones and a thread to fit better. like these:

and it occurred to me to try one like this and magically it worked
I don’t know very well why the gold ones don’t work, but problem solved

Now I am with another problem, the headphone output is mono and it seems that input 2 does not work :frowning_face:

now I’ll post another topic

Thank you very much for your help

I didn’t realize it and the Hi-Z button was activated. I turned it off and mic input 2 worked with my microphones.