UR22C Newbie fighting the interface - Mix in DAW - no inut sound


A newbei here with UR 22C coming from Focusrite Solo interface.
I have to use the interface for both recording and office/life calls with monitor speakers plugged in.

It would be great if someone pointed me in the right direction.

Mix knob
In Focusrite I had a ‘Direct’ knobthat was just pushind input sound into output as is. I assume that Mix in INPUT position does exactly that.
If I understand correctly when Mix is in DAW mode it should send me the system sound/DAW sound and still process the input and submit it to the system.

Presently I have this behaviour - in DAW mode sound from the system comes through the monitor but no input goes through. In DSP MIX Fx the input shows input signal coming as expected BUT the system does not recieve the sound at all - with or without loopback enabled.

Maybe I’m missing something as direct monitoring is great for recording but becomes a loop if I use it with speakers.

Ideal scenario - send input to the input device for Skype/Teamz/Zoom/etc while NOT playing it back through the monitor speakers. Not sure if it is achievable as I think I tried everything.

Ideally it shoud work with the MIX in DAW and Voice Chat loopback - so I can use the preprocessing for voice chat while not monitoring directly.

Thank you for your help! I really don’t want to return the interface as the night :wink: part of the day (recording) works great with it!