UR22C Not working on Macbook air M1

Hello, i’d like some help please.
I recently purchased a Steinberg UR22C interface and came with Cubase LE/AI
I set up the interface via usb c
I connected the mic
I connected the headphones to the headphones front jack of UR22C
I hear the Mic through the interface

But i cant record with Cubase,
the signal looks active (top green)and peaks red when i add gain from the interface.
I dropped an mp3 on the Cubase project (both vox+ guitar project and “podcast”)
I get no audio through the headphone jack.
The test recodings with the mic do not show as waveform, but they record “something” im guessing.
The dropped mp3s do are not audible not from the headphone jack or the left or right out jack on the back of the UR22C interface.
Tested it with Garage Band, same
Reaper, nothing.
Ableton demo works perfect.
Can you help me please?
Thank you.
Im running Ventura 13.2.1