Ur22c on old motherboard with usb 3.0

Hi, I’m going to buy an ur22c tomorrow but I have one doubt: my motherboard is from 2011 and has usb 3.0 not 3.1. Can this be a problem? It will correctly power the ur22c? Thank you

Its powering fine with my mainboard from 2010 that also has a dedicated NEC usb 3.0 controller. You just have to set USB mode to USB 2.0 in the ASIO control panel, which doesnt impede performance.

I also have a 2011 motherboard and a URC816 connected to a USB 3 port(detects Superspeed 3.1), no problem because USB3 = USB 3.1

today I connected the ur22c to my 3.0 usb, it powers but on 3.1 setting I hear no sound. If I switch to 2.0 everything is ok…

I do not know your further usage and settings on your PC but it should work offcourse.
If there is no sound in Windows on one USB port and the other works fine, then theproblem is in WIndows somewhere, maybe the driver for the USB 3 port.
Also perform a re-boot of the computer to be sure when you make the switch to the USB3 port.
And look into Windows sound settings if everything is okay, and adjust the right samplerate.

sorry, maybe I didn’t explained my problem in a clear way:
I’ve got a pc with an asus p8h67 motherboard, i5, 16 gb ram, 1 SDD 256 and windows 10 1909.
If i connect the ur22c to either one of my 2 usb 3.0 inputs, the device turned on and is recognized by the sistem.
BUT in superspeed setting no sound comes from the device.
If I switch to usb 2.0 everything works perfectly, but I don’t understand (this is my first good external audio interface) the limitations of 2.0.
For now I want to use it only to record my guitar for study applications, like playing and recording over a backing track.
Thank you

This will work just fine on USB 2, that’s no problem.

But…I have excatly the same MB as you have(only an i7) and also 16Gb and W10(1909) and 2 USB 3 ports on the back (offcourse, same MB).
My UR816C connects perfectly on one of those USB3 ports and displays the fast 3.1 speed.
It’s the same Yamaha driver as you have for the Ur22
So my guess is something’s wrong on your PC, maybe the drivers for the USB3 ports, maybe something in W10.
I once had after a W10 update that my URC displayed USB2 connection instead of 3. Then I de-installed everything URC concerned, did a fresh re-boot and re-installed the URCsoftware/driver and the URC was back on the USB3 again. So Windows may cause some issues, maybe tries to install a certain driver of its own or something like that.