UR22C one channel louder than the other

Hello, I purchased UR22C and ran into a problem, when connecting Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X headphones, the sound in the left ear is a little quieter than in the right (especially in the middle and upper middle in the frequency spectrum, in other words in the vocal area)
It is also possible that the following is connected with this - when the headphone volume knob is lowered to almost zero, the sound in the left ear disappears and remains only in the right ear until the volume is completely turned to zero. All actions are performed with the MIX knob fully turned to the far right (DAW) position. Firmware and driver new. I changed the adapter from 3.5 to 6.3. I tried to supply power from the adapter, not from the computer, all to no avail.
I also updated the bios and reinstalled the yamaha driver several times. I saw several similar threads on the forum like mine, but they did not have a solution. Is there a solution now?

Have you tried another headphone to check the problem?

Of course yes

The mix knob should be in the centre position (detented) when listening back to a recording etc. I always have the mono button depressed as well so sound comes out both sides.

I have the same exact problem, but on my UR12, which is now 6-ish years old. Thought I was going crazy, so I decided to check it for real.

Tested it within my DAW:

  • took a stereo jack to 2 separate mono jacks cable;
  • patched phones output to Hi-Z input;
  • ran a sine wave in DAW, recorded 2 tracks - first patched left channel, then right.
  • recorded tracks clearly showed that the signal from the left channel was just a notch quieter than the signal from the right channel.

Maybe it’s just a phones output problem, i thought. So I decided to test the line output too. Ran similar tests, and unfortunately, the problem affects the line out too, with even more pronounced discrepancy between the L and R channels. Result on screenshot.

So yeah, no idea how to fix it. Seems like a hardware problem that affects the UR-C series as well.

Any solution? I have the same problem.

Is it possible that this is due to the potentiometers controlling the sound? Perhaps they have a defect (error rate between channels). For me, when i turn up the volume, the panorama is restored. And when i reduce the sound to a minimum, it goes to the left.

So it seemed to me

Official steinberg Service, when I sent back te unit for quarantee said, that difference around 2,5db in channels level, due to component used in production, is something normal… and Sent it back to me as it was… Disaster.

Thats disappointing to hear!

So its basically a gamble as to whether you get a decent unit or not. Not cool Steinberg/Yamaha!

Mine has about a 1.5dB delta between channels at my nominal listening level and that is definitely audible.

I bought Audient ID and I’m happy ever since. Will never buy anything from Steinberg ever again.

I have the same problem with my UR12. As you have mentioned, turning the output knob all the way up does even out the left and right balance. At lower levels my right channel is louder.

Fixed same issue by releasing the Hi-Z button on my UR22C.