UR22C Output Knob: How to position for Unity Gain / 0db?

Quick question: The output knob on my UR22C has no markings, and I would like to know at what position it would correspond to unity gain / 0dB?

  1. Is it all the way in the centre, so with the notch pointing upwards (12:00, if it were a clock)
  2. Is it somewhere between the centre and the maximum (15:00/3:00, if it were a clock)

Or am I approaching this the wrong way? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


It’s a volume knob. Set it to whatever is comfortable listening volume for you. It has no effect on what you export from the daw or other software.

Ah, maybe so — but I would still like to know at what position the volume knob could be considered at “zero”. :slight_smile: I know that turning it all the way to the right results in +12db.

It’s volume knob but, in most cases you want to know in what volume u send your master out to speakers so it’s a really fair guestion. Im also looking this answer.