UR22C output randomly changes to mono

Hey, my UR22C randomly has no stereo output. It’s affecting both the headphone out and the main out. I had this problem a few weeks back but ultimately sorted it out by changing the USB mode to USB 2.0.

I tried everything. I tried every setting in the Yamaha USB driver but it didn’t change anything. I tried several adapters. It all didn’t work.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Any advice helps.

Use the mono button if you want to hear audio in both ears.

I mean the output.

Hi qappvi, and welcome to the Cubase community.

Does this affect playback of all audio software?
What happens if you connect a Microphone, and hard pan the Mic channel left and right in the dspMixFx?

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Seems like it was a faulty headphone adapter. Changed it to another I had lying around and suddenly it played stereo.

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