UR22C output to guitar amp?

This might be a “dumb question” but here goes anyway. Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to use my guitar amp as a monitor when I’m recording (Cubase 10.5) my Strat directly into CH2 ? Obviously I would only be able to plug one cable into my guitar amp but I could set up my Cubase tracks to all be mono? Thanks! Dennis

Hard to say for sure without knowing your exact amp model, but it’s likely to work.
Especially if your amp can be used also as a keyboard/synth amp, which provide a similar signal (line level) as the UR-C outputs. Or if your amp supports “active pickups”.

Use the right input on your amp though. For ex. the “LOW sensitivity” input on some Marshall. Or use the FX-Return jack if you have one.

If all you have is 1 guitar jack input, you probably (?) won’t damage your amp, but the sensitivity might be too high for good results. Make sur then you set your amp’s Gain dial to its minimum to start your test.