UR22c recognized by MacBook Pro 15 but not by MBPro 13

Really weird. The UR22c connects once the MBPro15 is turned on and works perfectly. However, the MBPro 13 connected via usb c does not connect at all. I uninstalled all the software and reinstalled it. It connected. I shut down and restarted the MBPro 13 and the UR22c could not connect.
My ur22mk11 works perfectly on both computers when ever it is connected.
Both laptops are 2019 running Mojave.

Any help would be appreciated.

Quick Note.
It has decided to work this morning! I open MBP13, then when open I plug in the UR22C ( USB C to USBC) the power light comes on then the USB light flashes until it is connected. It seems as off the MBP 13 needs to be running before the UR22C is connected.
I don’t trust it yet, but it looks hopeful.
This may help someone else

Ah! The MBPro 13 went to Applecare today. Most of its insides were problematic when they tested it. Fortunately it is still under warranty.