Ur22c software licence

Im having issues with the licence for the software download for Cubase AI. I purchased the ur22c audio interface and the cubase 11 pro upgrade. It downloads all ok but I can not get the AI download to generate a licence for my upgrade to 11 pro to be activated in the e licenser. Can anyone help?

Your upgrade to 11 Pro should have its own access code and license. You’ve got to enter that code into the download manager which in turn will take you through the steps.

Already have. It gives me an activation code of which i paste into the e licenser and it says no upgradable licence found

You have to put the activation code into the download manager not e licenser

Have just attempted that and it asked me to activate of which i did. It started e licenser and the activation code was in the code space. I clicked continue and it opened up with red circles ad a horizontal line through saying no upgradable licenses found.

This is incorrect.

OK so correct me then so we can help this user out

The update needs a USB elicenser onto which you move the AI license in order to do the upgrade, I believe.

If you are saying you do not have a USB elicenser, search for a post from
Matthias_Quellmann or Ben_at_Steinberg.

I remember reading that there was some kind of solution, or proposed solution for this, but I can’t remember which thread.

Did you put the AI code into the licenser first. The licensee must first have a license to be able to activate an upgrade.

You mean the USB Elicenser, I guess. The Soft Elicenser shares the word Elicenser

Yes that is what I mean I forgot that everybody is used to not having a dongle

So Phil, Looks like if you don’t have a Steinberg purple dongle then you can’t upgrade because it requires a dongle for 11 Pro.

I initially had issues and contacted the firm that i purchased the u22c and Cubase upgrade 11. I had to download the 11 via the download code of which generated the activation code in my account. My account states that Cubase AI is on my computer and that 11 pro is awaiting activation, but there is no license showing on my e licenser for both Cubase AI or Cubase 11 pro. The online activation manager shows AI as activated. I have deleted and re installed on numerous occasions but still no answer. I have been awaiting a reply from support for 5 days and nothing.

Please, this is not exactly correct either.

@Philip_Matthews what exactly happens when you go to activate your AI license using the activation code in the Elicenser Control Center?

I go to put in the download code in the download manager, It says that it is registered with my ur22c interface of which it is bundled with cubase AI download code. It will download and install, shows up in my online account but has no licence attached to it.

The 11 pro came wrapped in cellophane of which had a printed download code and a e licenser.

Dongle that is

The UR22C audio interface came with the download access code for Steinberg plus, AI and an activation code for Basic fx suite.

Use the maintenance button on the e licenser And maybe you can update from the server to be able to add the license that is already registered. Use the download access code on steinberg.com your account and put it into the e licenser

You also have to make sure your licensure is registered to your Steinberg account.


Open the Elicenser application on your machine. (not the Download Assistant)
Plug in the USB elicenser
Run maintenance

What do you see?

@Philip_Matthews Now, this

I cant find an activation code for AI. I only have a download code of which doesn’t create an activation code. It seems that other versions other than AI will not upgrade through this licence. Ai came as a download bundled with my ur22c. I can run AI with no issues but cant upgrade it with the upgrade i have purchased of which it is cubase pro 11 upgrade.