Ur22c software licence

At this point you do not have the AI license on your dongle. Cubase is running on the All Applications license which you can see at the top of the list.

what do you see in your Steinberg Account under Software?


Where’s the AI License? It doesn’t appear to be there.

If it is, maybe try another screen shot – Please just the area of the screen needed, not both your screens, and don’t cut off any info.

This is all i have. The AI licence is ni=ot showing and that is my issue as i previously mentioned. I will do two more screenshots of the AI product showing it being activated but no licence showing.

By the way I really appreciate the help. Thankyou :smiley:

You have Cubase AI 12 activated in the new Steinberg Licensing.

At the time you activated Cubase AI, 12 had been released, so you got an AI 12 license. So technically, you need an upgrade from AI 12 to Pro 12.

Maybe have a look at the faq, to understand more?

He’s trying to upgrade from AI 12 to cubase Pro 11… Is that even possible?

I accidentally installed 12 and then deleted it. I have 11 pro activation code and it states awaiting activation, but when I try to activate it it states no upgradable licences found.

Thats why I need the AI licence but back to square one this is my issue.

Effectively you have the wrong upgrade, unfortunately,

ok many thanks.