UR22C Tools - DSP vs Basic FX Suite Plugins

I recently purchased a UR22C audio interface and installed the Tools software from Steinberg. Using the eLicencer I activated the Basic FX Suite.

What is the difference between the DSP and the Basic FX Suite plugins? When the Tools installed it installed two sets of plugins. See the attached screenshot. Under C:\Program Files\Common Files\vst3\Steinberg there is a directory for DSP and another for Basic FX Suite.

My problem is that when my performance software (Gig Performer) scans the C:\Program Files\Common Files\vst3 directory it tries to load both sets of plugins but fails to initialize the ones in the DPS directory.

I’m fairly new to this stuff and trying to understand the difference between these two sets of plugins.


The DSP plugins are for using on the recording track in the Inspector. They control the onboard DSP FX, so no latency while reocrding.
The Basix FX plugins are for using in the Cubase mixer as insert-plugins on a already recorded track.
Hope this helps.

Is if fair to say the DSP plugins are for use only with the Steinberg hardware?

With steinberg software you mean, Cubase.
The URC has those effects on board and can be adjusted with the dspfx mix software that is uncluded.
But in cubase you can adjust the dsp effects right away on a recordingtrack, without using that dspfx mixer.
With other DAW software you have to use the dapfx mixer to use those effects.
Hope this helps.

On windows PC with cubase 10, using the steinberg ur22c sound card, the dsp yamaha effects (reverb, compressor) sound perfect in the recording function, there are no effects on the recorded track, only the raw track is recorded. Even if the FX rec button is pressed, the DSP does not play its own effects on the recording. How can this be solved to include dsp effects in the recording? Thanks for the help.

On my UR816C there is no problem with recording FX included (just did a quick test because I never use it myself).
If you use the URC-settings on the track itself you also have to activate the FX REC (on the same inputchannel as you record with offcourse) in the DSP mixer (I would have assumed this could be done in the track itself), but then it should work.

Same issue, I have RECFX on in the dspmix app but the effects are NOT sent with the signal to my DAW (reaper). It’s a dry signal instead.

Also, the quality of the sound isn’t as good coming out of Reaper. When I solo the DAW fader, the sound is noticeably not as good.

I figured out something! If I take a reaper track and add a hardware output to a track, then choose the the URC FX bus, I then get the dsp reverb and chanel strip fx. The only effects sent through with REC FX are the guitar amp fx.