UR22C unable to connect to IPAD AIR 2 / Ipad 6th Gen

Dear Team
2 days back I purchased the brand new UR22C to play and record via my iPad Air 2.

I also got the Type C to Lightning Cable which connects directly from Interface to iPad. Connected an external power supply to interface as iPad obviously won’t be able to powerup the interface.

Now when I power up the Interface, the Cubasis LE 3 or 2 are not detecting the interface and the USB light on the HW keeps flashing.

Versions of Firmware on UR 22C is the latest one from your website and so is the case with iPad Air 2 and also Ipad 6th Gen from Apple. Microphone is AKG P120 which is working fine when connected to MacBook Air and using Cubase or Garageband.

The cable is absolutely fine since I checked the cable connecting to my Mac and both data and power is being supplied correctly from Mac to iPad.

Request your urgent and kind support allowing me to be keeping the Interface since one of the getting an interface like this.

Hello. I have the same problem as you, on my UR24C and my Ipad Air. I also use the USB C to Lightning cable. Have you fixed it?

Read this articlke on the Steinberg site, maybe that offers some help/info: