UR22C with Zoom

Hi everyone,

I picked up a Steinberg UR22C when the COVID pandemic started, as I am a church music minister, and I needed to be able to provide musical accompaniment and special music for services. I must tell you, 9 months in and I’m still having trouble getting things to work.

I have finally got live music working fairly reasonably, and don’t have many hitches there at the moment …

The problem I’m mostly having now is I have been recording organ accompaniments for our more traditional hymns through Hauptwerk. I record the accompaniment in parts, put it together, and come up with a really sick sounding organ part that I bounce in Logic into an mp3 that I should be able to sing along with to lead these songs in our Zoom church meetings.

But this is where things get tricky. I haven’ty been able to get it so that our congregation can satisfactorily hear both the organ and me, at the same time. I thought they were cracked until I recorded my Zoom room to hear for myself today… I can hardly hear myself, as I’m being overpowered by the organ … and not so much overpowered, but more that there is a competition for sound and the organ is taking it all.

I’m running the organ accompaniment through the Music program on my Macbook Pro and passing it through on line 2 of the UR22C. I’m running my voice through an Audio Technica condensor mic … and directly into line 1. I’ve tried using the dspMixFx and linked the lines and added the loopback. That still isn’t working. I’ve tried running the accompaniment line through my headphones output on my computer which is then plugged directly into line 2 of the UR22c.

I’m thinking this shouldn’t be a hard problem to fix, but I can’t seem to fix it. Is there any assistance any of you can offer to help me out?

I, and my congregation, thank you