UR22C - Work is not stable


I bought Steinberg UR22C, installed all the programs according to the instructions, but when recording voice and watching films on the computer, interruptions appear. When the dspMixFX is started, the monitoring fades. Restarting the dspMixFX helps without affecting the presets, but recording the voice in the DAW stops.

I found many solutions on the Internet, put everything into practice, but the problem remained. It is clear that the NVIDIA driver increases the delay and the interruption occurs in the 1 minute, when the NVIDIA driver is removed, it seems that the problem is solved, but in fact the interruption occurs in the 13 minute, this is less noticeable, but cannot be called stable work.

What other reasons and solutions can there be? If you buy an AMD graphics card, will the problem disappear?

P.S. Ryzen 1600, 32 GB RAM, GPU GeForce 750Ti (driver 511.79), Motherboard Asus Prime B350 Plus, Soundcard on mother borad is off in BIOS. Windows 10 Pro, updates from 12.02.22 installed.

In Steinberg Contriol Panel (engineering mode - CTRL+SHIFT+A)
Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz;
ASIO: Mode - Standard, Buffer Size - 512 Samples;
About: USB Driver: v.2.1.1
Error Info (sometimes):
Error Timestamp: 0: 3.43 : 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
14 IP00000000 ID00000000
OP00000000 00000000

mostly Error Info empty

Flag Override - 14434:Stable
Base Period - Auto
ISO Extra buffer - Auto
BULK Extra buffer - Auto

  • USB Frame Continuous Sync (ON)
  • Skip Initial Samples (OFF)
  • Overload Detection (ON)