Ur22mk ii

My Yamaha UR22 produces an audible static noise as long as the USB cable is plugged in. (Unplugging the USB turns the UR22 off.)
I’ve tried switching USB ports and using hubs. Nothing helps.
It’s not real loud but audible enough that I unplug the unit when I’m working with other programs.

Have you tried to run the UR22 mk II with a separate power supply?
Also, there isn’t anything plugged into the UR22 that could cause this, is there? I mean, if you turn down the gain on the inputs, does anything happen?

Thanks for the reply.
The unit is powered thru the USB that has to be connected to the PC. I don’t think I can use another power source and still have the unit connected…
The other inputs are turned to 0.
At times, during the loading of Cubase, the noise goes away briefly. Initially, I thought it might be my PC’s integrated audio. I purchased/installed a sound card, but am still having the same issue.

If you have the MkII (as your headline says) you can power it via micro USB.

I see a 5v DC micro USB jack. If I use that, how will the midi data get to the PC? (Do I leave the USB 2.0 cable attached?) (I greatly appreciate your help!)

I looked at the instructions and see that both the 5v and the USB are connected. I just need to set the power switch to 5v and the power will come from the 5v source not the USB.

Great, then all you need to do is unplug the USB from your computer, and if that removes the noise you could probaly get a plug that drops the power from the computer to the UR22 and you would be fine.

Like this:

Installed the 5v power supply. Still some noise. I tried an inline device on the USB cable before but it blocked all frequencies. I don’t think it was a power blocker. I will have to review my purchases and see what the device was.
Thanks again for your assistance.